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On a Voyage

Hi! Welcome to my website, “On a Voyage”. It contains my personal experiences, thoughts and knowledge that I garnered over a period of time. Please share your same in the form of comments, direct-mail, phone call or in any way feasible. Every story is worth telling, let’s share, learn and grow. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you again. Cheers!



Trying to portray random thoughts systematically in an online space under diverse topics.


"A picture speaks more than a thousand words". Let them speak for themselves, or a caption will help.


A list of links to my various research articles published in different journals. Feel free to check and comment. Thanks.

Make some vids

Music has always been my medium of meditation and conveying message through videos is often perceived by wider audience.

With this assumption, I recently started a Youtube Channel and began posting cover songs, my opinions, vlogs and many more. Please go through the channel and subscribe it if you like the contents. Thank you in advance 🙂 Cheers!!!

Geotechniques and others

Professionally, I am a geotechnical engineer with background in civil engineering.

Besides its usual branches, civil engineering encompasses wider subjects like disaster management, climate change and environmental sustainability which are equally of my interest.

Under this section, you may find articles related with these disciplines and is targeted to specific audience.