avishek shrestha

Civil (Geotechnical) Engineer




Currently working as a full time Geotechnical Engineer at Soil Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Mr. Avishek Shrestha completed his M.Eng in Geotechnical Engineering from Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to his current job, he has worked in Thailand for nearly 3 years in Geotechnical Engineering Research and Development Center (GERD). Even as of current, he is ocassionally involved in some research and design works with the center.

Before pursuing Master’s degree, he had worked in a UK-Aid project, Rural Access Programme-3 for nearly 2 years and 7 months. During the tenure he designed and maintained rural roads as well as procured goods and works related with it.

His first job was in the position of a research assistant for 8 months in a research project funded by NORAD, relating with micro/mini/small scale hydropower at Kathmandu University where he also obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

In a nutshell, he is a civil engineer possessing sound knowledge in theories and principles of geotechnical engnieering and demonstratiting work experience of nearly 8 yrs in the industry.

When he is not involved with engineering, he is possibly indulging himself with writing, guitar and camera.


2021 - present

Soil Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • Procuring geotechnical site investigation works
  • Leading a Soil and Material Testing Lab
  • Managing soil investigation works both at field and in lab
  • Performing geotechnical analysis and making reports
2017 - 2020

Geotechnical Engineering Research and Development Center (GERD)

Bangkok, Thailand

  • Research, analysis and design of helical piles for its first time implementation in Thailand
  • Conducted slope stability analysis in an excavation project at Cambodia
  • Investigation of soil erosion and storm water management at Ichinoseki, Japan
  • Assisted team leader during dam inspection of Nam Lik hydropwer at Vientiane, Laos
  • Technical Review of failure of saddle dam -D, Xe Namnoy Reservoir, Laos
  • Assisting leader of geotechnical design section in various design works, Bangkok, Thailand
Nov 2014 - June 2017

Rural Access Programme 3 (RAP-3)

Achham, Bajura, Dadeldhura, Mugu, Biratnagar [Nepal].

  • Procured goods, works and services
  • Managed contractual issues
  • Surveyed Mugu-Humla road corridor (25.5 km of 68 km)
  • Designed a road corridor at Bajura
  • Looked after road maintenance at Dadeldhura, Achham and Biratnagar
  • Controlled budget, task and resources
  • Contributed to sustainable developement through engineering activities like bioengineering
  • Involved in training of DTO staffs in various districts
  • Prepared various kinds of reports
Oct 2013 - May 2014

Kathmandu University

Dhulikhel, Nepal

Project name: “Standardization and development of civil design framework for micro/mini/small hydropower projects: Assessing existing design procedures and considering impact of climate change” funded by NORAD, SINTEF, Noraway.

  • Involved in design and standardization of civil components of micro/mini/small hydropower
  • Documented reports and prepared flex for dissemination of information
  • Visited three micro-hydropower sites, analyzed data collected from it.

Available upon request


2017 - 2019

M.Eng in Geotechnical Engineering

Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

2016 - 2020

M.A in Rural Development

Patan Campus, Lalitpur, Nepal

August 2018

International Course on Approaches for Disaster Resilience

Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

2009 - 2013

Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal

Software Skills
(Relative %)

Geostudio products (SLOPE/W, SEEP/W, SIGMA/W) 75%
Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) 90%
Plaxis 50%
Adobe products (Photoshop, Premier Pro, Lightroom, Illustrator) 85%
ArcGIS 50%
AutoCAD 80%
WordPress / Blogging 50%


Shrestha, A., Jotisankasa, A., Chaiprakaikeow, S., Pramusandi, S., Soralump, S., & Nishimura, S. (2019). Determining shrinkage cracks based on the small-strain shear modulus–suction relationship. Geosciences, 9(9), 362.

Soralump, S., Shrestha, A., Jotisankasa, A., Thongthamchart, C., & Isaroran, R. (2021). Use of geosynthetic clay liner as a remedial measure of claystone degradation in Lam Ta Khong hydropower plant. Geotextiles and Geomembranes.

Soralump, S., Shrestha, A., Thowiwat, W., Sukjaroen, R., Chaithong, T.,
Yangsanphu, S., … & Jotisankasa, A. (2021). Assessment of
landslide behaviour in colluvium deposit at Doi Chang, Thailand. Scientific Reports, 11(1), 1-12.


ONline courses

  • Geotechnical Foundation Analysis for Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) from Ingeoexpert
  • Climate Change from the University of Melbourne on Coursera
  • Fundamentals of GIS authorized by University of California, Davis on Coursera



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