Hey Rain

Hey Rain. Just what are you? As a child, I used to think whenever god cried, his tears were you. As I grew up, my innocence blurred, I learned the precipitation process and could somewhat figure you out. But despite where you belong, I’m just so freakily surprised with the range of emotions that you can wave towards me. People claim that most of them feel the same way too, but I guess my love for you is a little different.

My love for you is very hard to explain to this world, because it involves me and you. I being an introvert, and you speak in a language that only I understand. You must be thinking, like others, I don’t hear you and so you are persistent to come at me, trying piercing roof and windowpane. That isn’t the case though, I can hear you in midst of crowd, and in silence as well and I long to hear you all day and specially at night.

I am a pluviophile. My walks are great and it’s only when your touches give me company. The best music of mine has been so far you tingling on roofs, steels, roads, cars and on my shoulders. You make forest greener than ever it was and that is what I like about you the most. I find you so serene and in your serenity, I too am at peace.

Your refreshing scent is better than any of the perfume in the market. You’ve conquered all of my senses.

You’ve got me and I’ve got you. Analyzing, it seems you and I have lot of similarities and differences. You always fall on the ground, there’s no stopping you and my final destination is from where you came. Neither you nor I can change that. I’m happy that we got to meet here and someday, I’ll be at your place and we’ll date again. Beyond this world, if feelings exist, then be there to complement all the strong emotions that I get like anger, sadness, happiness, and romantic, just like you do, here.

They say, everyone’s selfish, and I being one of everyone would want your love and not hate. I guess, similar is the case with others as well. A hard-working farmer depends on you. You are a source of fresh water, you replenish water sources. You are so kind that you provide life to even small aquatic animals. Some portion of you escape into the ground and we have groundwater which we have been using since time immemorial. I wish to be like you, kind, fulfilling and protecting.

You are so powerful. With your persistence, you can cut off lands and bring landslides along with it. In your anger, you fuel rivers and can destroy lives. At times you are annoying as well, you wet me up during my important functions, making me look stupid. I don’t know why and at what you are angry at.

None opinions seems to matter you and you are so focused at doing things that you came here to achieve, and that’s the difference between me and you.

As I grew up, I began to care what people think. Self-consciousness sometimes eats up and I lack focusing prowess like yours. As I walk down the aisle, sometimes I tend to forget why I am walking. I sometimes, try to go deep and find the reason for my existence, later only to find it as a vain attempt. Unlike me, from first, you seem to know why you are here and act accordingly.

I, sometimes wish my life was like yours, short but yet worthy.

You have a power of rebirth, though. You come here time and again, seasonally and do what you are supposed to do. My life, on the other hand is a one-time gift. Just like your short life, maybe, it’s the small moments that counts in mine. Thinking about the future that’s so far, I’m easily swayed.

Maybe now, I should start focusing on small moments rather than the vague, long life, and I shall thread these small beautiful moments to call it a life.

Only if I was focused like you, I may not have cut away lands but I surely would have less regrets.

Like I was saying, you tend to destroy everything that comes in your way. They say, “With greater power comes greater responsibility.” I would never want to hurt anyone but unknowingly I may have. Oh! Is it the same with you?

Hey rain, I’m trying to accommodate all the feelings that I get, but the feelings you give me are infinite.

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P.S. This article was submitted to Youthlegend's wordism competition and was picked as a winning article for the month of Shrawan. Thanks to the team for the opportunity.

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