How I got into Photography?

Fond of photography

I am a big fan of Peter Mckinnon, a photographer, cinematographer, vlogger and a Youtuber. On his channel, he once posted a short movie featuring his dream shot entitled, “The Bucket Shot”. As expected, it was awesome and inspiring. He unrolls his movie by deciphering on how he got into photography.

I could relate a lot to what he said. I used to take some decent photos by my phone as a hobby, but my passion for photography grew when I once used my friend’s camera to take a couple of pictures, and I was stunned knowing what else could be done and the art that I was missing. So, during my visit to Japan, I made sure that I was going to buy a camera but since I was a newbie, I had no idea which one to buy.

Doing some research, I decided that I was going to buy Canon M50, a mirrorless camera suited for the beginners. Since then whenever I get an opportunity I take my camera, click photos and share it on my Instagram account (@shrestha_av).

Looking at Peter, it feels amazing how a long tiring journey becomes worth-it just for one single perfect click. If it wasn’t for a passion, then even walking a small hill would be a troublesome job.

That’s why they say, find a passion and work on it, only then will life be more satisfying.